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Ventura County Women’s Forum – An Eye Opening Experience

I attended the Ventura County Women’s Forum yesterday at Cal Lutheran University. The Samuelson Chapel was a great venue – it was large enough to accommodate all of the guests and not so large that people were isolated. There were women of all ages there and everyone seemed to be happy. Continue reading

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Local Newspaper Uses Pinterest to Increase Site Visits

The Ventura County Star created a page to share photos for Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, Pinterest is a photo curating social network that has skyrocketed to the number three position in social network users, pushing ahead of LinkedIn. Continue reading

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LATISM’s LA Reception for the White House Connects Community

Jose Rico with Jes Sofia Valle
It’s been a while since I’ve attended a Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) event in Los Angeles. Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve attended any kind of function in downtown LA that didn’t include picket signs, marching, and chanting.

So when my friend Jes Sofia Valle (@jessofiavalle) invited me to attend the LATISM reception for the White House at the Biltmore Hotel on April 4, I couldn’t pass it up and brought bring my camera along to support the event she helped plan. Continue reading

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A Non-Techie Reviews the iPad

The iPad will never replace my desktop, but it has already replaced my laptop after just two days.

I love, love, love it! [Guest post by Belén Rodríguez]

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How To Add A Slideshow To Your Blog [VIDEO]

Wordpress just announced its new Slideshow feature. This is an AWESOME update.

You can now select photos to upload then quickly add them to a blog post as a slideshow.

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iPhone as a Promotion Machine

I love promoting awesome people, great causes, and orgs/businesses that are doing interesting things. My favorite mobile tech tool , the iPhone, helps me do this in the blink of an eye from anywhere.

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One Year Anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson and Thanks to TwitPic

Today is the one year anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson. TwitPic helped capture the moment and is still thriving.

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The Easiest Way to Create a Multimedia Video From Your iPhone – Animoto

The free Animoto iPhone app is easy to use and makes a great dynamic video.

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“All Bark” – What’s In Front Of You

Sometimes you just have to appreciate what’s in front of you, then write about it, take a photo, or shoot some video.

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