One Year Anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson and Thanks to TwitPic

The Miracle on the Hudson TwitPic photo by Janis Krums

The Miracle on the Hudson TwitPic photo by Janis Krums

It’s hard to believe that it’s been exactly one year since we first heard of the miraculous landing of flight 1549 in New York’s Hudson River. The great hero of the Miracle on the Hudson was Captain Chesley Sully Sullenberger who managed to safely land the plane without any loss of life. Truly a miracle.

So much has happened since then. President Obama was sworn into office, the Twittersphere sprouted green avatars to support protesters after the Iran Election, and now we have the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

One thing these events all have in common is that important snippets first showed up on the picture sharing site TwitPic. Amazingly, TwitPic was created in a weekend by Web developer and master tinkerer, Noah Everett (@noaheverett on Twitter).

One of the most famous TwitPic pictures ever posted was by Janis Krums (@jkrums on Twitter) live from a ferry in the Hudson River just after the airplane crash.

The Miracle on the Hudson TwitPic photo by Janis Krums

Just yesterday, Noah Everett revealed in an interview with Andrew Warner (@AndrewWarner on Twitter) on that shortly before the Miracle on the Hudson, he had planned on shutting down TwitPic because he was having trouble keeping the site up and running in a consistent manner.

I want to send Noah Everett a BIG “Thank You” for pushing through the tough times and keeping the site up. It’s an important global resource and it is greatly appreciated.

This is a MUST WATCH interview. Everett gives details on how he first started TwitPic on a spare server, the ups and downs of running a site that takes off like a wildfire, and shows you how he was able to direct TwitPic by focusing on being a nice business. There is also a transcript of the interview on the site.

View the Noah Everett interview

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