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Word Lens iPhone App Revolutionizes Translations [VIDEO]

When I first saw Shel Israel’s (@shelisrael) tweet and the iTunes store description off of his link, I thought it might be a hoax. Visual translations via an iPhone app?

Word Lens is the real thing.

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The Easiest Way to Create a Multimedia Video From Your iPhone – Animoto

Animoto iPhone App

The free Animoto iPhone app is easy to use and makes a great dynamic video.

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Read and Write to your WordPress Blog on Tweetie2 for iPhone

You can now read and post to WordPress.com blogs using Tweetie2, a third-party iPhone Twitter application.

This is cool because it’s like having mobile Twitter but for blogs. You can read and post to your blog and also read other WordPress.com blogs.

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Pictures to Video with Animoto – FAST

Animoto allows you to create a professional looking video out of still pictures, in a hurry. From the time I signed up to the time I emailed my wife the completed video took 20 minutes tops. That’s including the initial signup process and playing around time. The coolest feature of the application is that it …