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Is Facebook Becoming The Face of Small Business?

At meet and greets, presentations, and during client meetings, small businesses are talking about Facebook. Facebook is quickly becoming the face of small business.

Why? I think there are three reasons why Facebook is now the third most important tool in the small business’s marketing arsenal:

How To Control And Brand Your Video Content

One of the greatest benefits of video is its ability to end up all over the Internet. You post a video to YouTube, the message resonates with viewers, and they share the video with the world. For example, after helping my nephew tie a tie before his first job interview, I decided to do a video of the process. To my surprise, the video took off and now has over 5,500 views!

Whopperface promotion in Brazil puts your face on the Whopper wrapper

WhopperFace – Is That Your Face On My Whopper? (VIDEO)

Burger King’s marketing is once again pushing the envelope. Or, in this case, pushing the wrapper.

Customers in Brazil had their pictures taken by a secret camera then found their faces on the Whopper wrapper.

iPhone Promotion Machine

iPhone as a Promotion Machine

I love promoting awesome people, great causes, events, and organizations/businesses that are doing interesting things. My favorite tech tool to help me do this is the Apple iPhone 3Gs. There’s a reason the iPhone 3Gs is such a hot seller, it is a mobile promotion machine. I use it to check email on the road…

How to Thank Your Loyal Customers

Two ways to thank your loyal customers.

Social Media Is People!

Social Media Is People!

IKEA Case Study Video – Building a Fan Base on Facebook

I’ve been buying IKEA furniture since the company first opened its doors in California. So when a Twitter friend tweeted about an IKEA social media case study video, I had to take a look.

Social Media Is People!

Social Media Is People!