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Cirque Du Soleil On The Bucket List

I won’t be attending Blog World Expo this year, unfortunately. But I still remember the fun I had last year. Part of that fun was going to see the amazing Cirque Du Soleil show, O. Continue reading

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Always Commit – Comedy lesson by Kevin Pollak at the 140 Conference – 2010

Kevin Pollak (@kevinPollak on Twitter) made me bust up laughing at how he played the interviewee in this bit..oh, wait, it was really supposed to be an interview?

Alan Weinkrantz (@alanweinkrantz on Twitter) plays the “straight man” in this interview snippet at the 140 Conference in Hollywood. The 140 Conference is a unique collection of Twitter related presenters (“characters”) who present on an eclectic set of topics – everything from online psychics to personal online stories to global social media campaigns by major networks.

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Get Your Blog On with the iPhone IOS4 and Bluetooth

Apple released the iPhone IOS4 software update late on June 21, 2010. The update took well over an hour to download and then sync up with the iPhone but it was well worth it.

Among the many new features, the new IOS4 update allows for the iPhone to work with wireless Bluetooth keyboards. I took the new feature for a ride and started blogging. Continue reading

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iPhone 4 Features That Make Me Giddy

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 4 device today during the WWDC Conference.

The features that made me most giddy as a vlogger and iPhone nut are the front facing video camera + LED and the three-axis gyroscope.

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What Is #Vlogchat?

#Vlogchat was created tonight on Twitter out of the #BlogChat after party on June 6, 2010. The same thing tends to happen every week just after the official #BlogChat hour – little groups of video bloggers clump together and start talking about video. I suggested we start a #vlogchat hashtag and several people joined in.

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iPad Unboxing – Includes Rare Deleted Scene [VIDEO]

iPad Unboxing – Includes rare Deleted Scene [VIDEO]

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Holy Shiznet! I can see my iPhone on my iPad! [VIDEO]

You can use the combination of two apps, Camera A and Camera B, and allow your iPhone’s camera to be shared on your iPad!

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How To Add Twitter Hovercards To Your Blog [VIDEO]-UPDATED

Today, we’re going to trick out our WordPress blog by adding the Hovercard feature. Whenever I type in an “@” plus a username on this blog, site visitors will be able to mouse over the hovercard link and see the Twitter peep’s mini-profile. You may have seen this feature on the web site.

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The Geolocation Privacy Proposition

Geolocation services like Foursquare and Gowalla are all the rage right now. Riding on the wind of South by Soutwest (SXSW), they are adding users like mad.

But is the value of using these services really worth giving away all your location information?

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A Non-Techie Reviews the iPad

The iPad will never replace my desktop, but it has already replaced my laptop after just two days.

I love, love, love it! [Guest post by Belén Rodríguez]

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