The Geolocation Privacy Proposition

Geolocation services like Foursquare and Gowalla are all the rage right now. Riding on the wind of South by Soutwest (SXSW), they are adding users like mad.

But is the value of using these services really worth giving away all your location information?

What are your privacy limits?

What do you personally get out of using these types of geolocation services?

Inquiring minds want to know.

3 thoughts on “The Geolocation Privacy Proposition”

  1. Jesse, I wrote a blog all about this same thing a while back…geolocation is cool, but what was I really getting out of the deal? Badges & Imaginary Mayorships? Not to mention all of the privacy issues broadcasting my every move…so I gave it up.

    However, I work in advertising and I love the opportunity these services will soon provide for my clients. Being able to reach those who truly care about your brand (ie. Those that both frequent your establishment and tell your friends about it.) is where advertising needs to head. More relevant ads are less annoying right?

    So…no for me, but hopefully yes for everyone else.

    1. Kacy, I remember the post. It was thought-provoking. Shortly afterwards, some asshat phone pranked me after a Foursquare check-in. Dozens of other have been harassed in the same way.

      There will always be trolls and immature people in all walks of life but that doesn’t mean we have to submit to them. On the other hand,some sites and activities aren’t worth the BS that one has to put up with.

      After a while you gotta ask, “Does it serve me?” And if the answer is “No” then that’s a good reason not to give away one’s every move and location. ~Jesse

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