iPhone 4 Features That Make Me Giddy

iPhone4 announced today at WWDC Conference

iPhone4 announced today at WWDC Conference

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 4 device today during the WWDC Conference.

The features that made me most giddy as a vlogger and iPhone nut are:

Front Facing Video Camera + LED

The front facing video camera allows for video phone calls, what Apple is calling “FaceTime.” Not the greatest name, but a great feature. Apple also finally added an LED light that works as a flash for photos and as a light for video. Awesome!

Hmm, I have visions of live streaming interviews on the go. Let’s get on it, developers!

Three-Axis Gyroscope

The coupling of the three-axis gyroscope with the accelerometer will lead to amazing new gaming applications. This combination will also help take Augmented Reality to new heights. By combining the two technologies, the iPhone will have six degrees of freedom.

The “Gyroscopes and Accelerometers Compared” video on the InvenSense site does a good job explaining how the gyroscope + accelerometer work together.

These were the two main features that made me swoon.

Which features are you looking forward to? Leave a comment and let’s keep the conversation going.

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