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Twitter Snowmageddon And The Art Of Hustle – Cory Booker and 50 Cent

An historic blizzard in blasting the Northeast and is shutting down air travel, affecting emergency vehicle response rates, and forcing many to stay indoors. Two Twitter Superstars, Cory Booker and 50 Cent have very different approaches to dealing with the resulting blizzard crisis. Continue reading

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My faves!

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Guess where I am.

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Picture with @giorodriguez during Latino2 #LATISM 2012 tweetup

IMG_1132.MOV Watch on Posterous My wife took the photo but she was actually using the video record on my iPhone… Could lead to embarrassing moments…

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La Verdad Es Que Me Canso/ The Truth Is That I Get Tired. #latism #DreamAct #DADT

Today, the Dream Act has been temporarily dashed and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is now history. Equality and fair treatment are issues that are important to me.  But there are so many other things I could be doing instead of … Continue reading

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Word Lens iPhone App Revolutionizes Translations [VIDEO]

When I first saw Shel Israel’s (@shelisrael) tweet and the iTunes store description off of his link, I thought it might be a hoax. Visual translations via an iPhone app?

Word Lens is the real thing. Continue reading

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Is Facebook Becoming The Face of Small Business?

At meet and greets, presentations, and during client meetings, small businesses are talking about Facebook. Facebook is quickly becoming the face of small business.

Why? I think there are three reasons why Facebook is now the third most important tool in the small business’s marketing arsenal: Continue reading

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Scenes from #VCTweetup at Bobbi’s Restaurant

See the full gallery on Posterous VCTweetup at Bobbi’s Mexican restaurant & Grill. The owners, Mike and Tobi were kind enough to provide free yummy tamales. Bobbi’s is in Camarillo, near Carmen Blvd.

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Just a wee bit foggy

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Gawker Security Breach Forces Massive LinkedIn Password Changes

I received two security-related emails in the last 24 hours. One was from Gawker Media stating that there was a breach via its commenting system. The second email arrived this morning from LinkedIn, asking me to reset my password because my account was disabled for “security reasons.”

According to this Gawker blog post, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Gawker, Jezebel, io9, Jalopnik, Kotaku, Deadspin, and Fleshbot were all affected by the security breach. Continue reading

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