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Scrutiny and the Rise of New Online Networks

One of the primary questions at the start of a relationship is “Can I trust you?”

The same is true on online relationships and in the process of vetting new connections and networks. Everyone gets invites to join this or that and if you don’t have a previous relationship or personally know the person IRL (in real life) then you might be suspicious of the attempt to connect. Continue reading

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Understanding the Fear Cycle

I recently made a huge career choice. Before making the decision, it took some time for me to separate what was fear and what was instinct. One of the tools that I used was Rhonda Britten’s book “Fearless Living.”

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Social Media Is People!

Social Media Is People!

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It’s not the size that matters Seth

Marketing Guru Seth Godin is way off on his post today, “You will be misunderstood“, when he writes: All of which is a way of warning you about microblogging (Twitter, etc.). If you’ve got 140 characters to make your point, … Continue reading

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