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CISPA – Invasion of Privacy Act

When I think of the new Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) bill that passed the House Intelligence Committee I think of the scene from the film “Enemy of the State” where Congressman Phillip Hammersley (played by the late Jason Robards) says:

“Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act. Invasion of privacy is more like it. – You read the Post? ‘This bill is not the first step towards the surveillance society. It is the surveillance society.'” Continue reading

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Scrutiny and the Rise of New Online Networks

One of the primary questions at the start of a relationship is “Can I trust you?”

The same is true on online relationships and in the process of vetting new connections and networks. Everyone gets invites to join this or that and if you don’t have a previous relationship or personally know the person IRL (in real life) then you might be suspicious of the attempt to connect. Continue reading

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Vine is Ready for its Close-up, Mr. DeMille

Like Alice going into the rabbit hole, I’ve become so addicted to and curious about Vine videos that I created a viewing platform, Vinormous, allows you to get your fill of 6-second Vine videos which have been posted to Twitter. Continue reading

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Who Stole Public Television?

Something curious happened while we were sleeping – public television has been stolen.

When broadcast stations moved from analog to digital transmissions and the old bunny ears would no longer be the baseline method to connect to television, millions were instantly hosed. I live in the Santa Clara River Valley so when I try to run my TV with one of those special digital converters, nothing happens. I am unable to pick up any channels. Continue reading

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IPad mini

This is my first test from an iPad Mini. The regular case is a bit slippery so I have to be careful not to drop it. The keyboard is only big enough to type with one finger. It’s almost small … Continue reading

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First blog post from the new iPad

The question is, will the iPad be a blogging machine? I’m writing this post from an iPad and am trying to get used to the keyboard. The screen is not large enough for me to use all fingers. Right now … Continue reading

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Senate Passes Historic Health Care Reform Bill, #Eric Smiles

The Senate passed the health care reform bill early this morning by a 60-39 vote. The vote, once again drawn on a 100% party lines, is certainly the most important health care reform legislation in my lifetime. Continue reading

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My Cinco de Mayo

My Cinco de Mayo Continue reading

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