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A Non-Techie Reviews the iPad

The iPad will never replace my desktop, but it has already replaced my laptop after just two days.

I love, love, love it! [Guest post by Belén Rodríguez]

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First blog post from the new iPad

The question is, will the iPad be a blogging machine? I’m writing this post from an iPad and am trying to get used to the keyboard. The screen is not large enough for me to use all fingers. Right now … Continue reading

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The iPad As A New Deployment Environment

The release of new Apple iPad this weekend will be the debut of a new deployment environment for your Web and blog site. Are you ready?

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Four Awesome iPad Visions and Videos

Four Amazing iPad tablet visions and videos!

Bannier, Penguin Books, Wired, and Viv Magazine keep us drooling for the new iPad.
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Apple iPad Moment # 645 – Sunny Day

[VIDEO] The Apple iPad is sure to be a game changer in the digital sphere, but it will have other important uses as well. Enjoy “Apple iPad Moment #645″ – Sunny Day.”

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Apple iPad Challenge. Are You Up To It?

The Apple iPad will start shipping in about 3 months and the tech industry is buzzing. I think the iPad will be very successful and Apple will ship 8 million units in 2010. How do you think the Apple iPad will fare? Will it be wildly successful like the iPhone or fizzle like a Mac Book Air that slides into the envelope of oblivion?

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