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Apple iPad Challenge. Are You Up To It?

The Apple iPad will start shipping in about 3 months and the tech industry is buzzing. Many people were disappointed after the Steve Jobs presentation because they expected a new wizbang technology that just didn’t seem to be there. Others have been cautiously expectant.

I think the iPad will be very successful and Apple will ship 8 million units in 2010 for the following reasons:

  1. The iPad will jump all over the Kindle market and greatly expand the mobile reader market
  2. The iPad will open up new types of mobile interactive media. It will finally create the first “electronic book” that we have been expecting for years
  3. We’re going to see a lot of activity from the developer community in the form of expanded iPhone apps and new iPad applications. People are already coming up with ideas for the next great games.

So there you have it, my prediction for the future of the iPad. In case you’re wondering, I did have a prediction on the iPhone and I was largely wrong. The biggest thing I learned from the iPhone launch was that Apple addresses weakness very quickly.

How do you think the Apple iPad will fare? Will it be wildly successful like the iPhone or fizzle like a Mac Book Air that slides into the envelope of oblivion? Once you blog your prediction, leave a comment here so we can follow up in a few months. Or, if you’re not blogging yet, leave a comment with your prediction and key reason(s).

Are you in?

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7 thoughts on “Apple iPad Challenge. Are You Up To It?”

  1. I think apple will sell the ipad, but I dont think it will be as successful as they would hope, at lease not this version of it. Little things like lack of ports and a camera in todays day and age is absolutely greedy on Steve Jobs part (you all know he is gonna try to create a bunch of iteration of the same device adding little tidbits along the way to generate more income)

    I am a huge Apple fan, but this product is a letdown

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  2. Since I live outside the AT&T wireless area, my comment is about iPod Touch vs. iPad as a WiFi device.

    Granted, the iPad is far from perfect. It has some technical drawbacks which I won’t go into here* because they’ve been covered extensively in blogland. But warts & all, it’s still pretty cool.

    In fact, it’s cool enough that it’s the sort of thing I would want to have on me all the time. Around the house. In the coffee shop. During meetings. On long car rides.

    I would love to be able to carry around not just one but a few books, to be able to read a little during down time in waiting rooms, while waiting for someone who’s late, etc.

    Plus, not only could I check my email, but I could actually type a real reply rather than my usual “Will reply l8r from real keyboard” answer.

    Yeah, the iPad is cool. I really want one. So why do I pout & frown whenever I see one? Because it’s Too. Damn. Big.

    I won’t say Apple missed the boat with the iPad, but I do think that, by creating a device that’s 8×10 inches, they’ve lost a chunk of the market: women who carry only a purse.

    The screen & keyboard of the iPod Touch are a little too small to comfortably read or type anything of length. But 8×10? That’s a little too big to carry with you everywhere, all the time. It should have been between 5×7 and 6×8. That would have been PERFECT! Still big enough to be comfortable, yet small enough to fit in most purses.

    If I have to schlep around a briefcase or messenger bag or backpack, I might as well take my 13″ MacBook with me everywhere I go. Sure, it weighs a little more, but it’s a REAL computer. A device that pretends to be portable really should not need its own piece of luggage.

    One thing is for sure — it will create a market for a new size of protective sleeve. And perhaps for WiFi memory cards.

    My prediction: I’m one of the first in line to get one. Then I end up buying a couple of dozen messenger bags. $2500 later, I decide the best thing to carry it in is a Mexican market bag which cost me 35ยข about 20 years ago. I carry it with me everywhere I go for about 3 days, after which I leave it at home because it won’t fit in a cute purse and even looking at the messenger bags crammed on dressing room shelf feels me guilt, anger and frustration. In the end, I end up using it as a reader during long car trips. And perhaps in the TV room so I can check my email while watching PPV or look up something on IMDB. The messenger bags end up on eBay. Your wife buys at least half of them.

    Remind me to read this again in 6 mos, ok?

    * Ok, so I will go into a couple of the gripes here:
    1, I cannot imagine how many screen protectors I’m going to ruin trying to get one that big in place without a single speck of dust or air bubble under it;
    2, Seriously, guys, an SD card slot & a USB slot would have been nice.

    1. LOL. You bring up some good points. The one that I hadn’t considered is the iPad as a “non-essential” device. When the iPhone came out I didn’t think it was going to have as strong an impact as it did. But one of the reasons I persisted in exploring its capabilities was that it was a phone and I had to carry it around. It was essential. I’d have to defer to Kindle users (I don’t own one) to decide if they are essential or non-essential items.

      The iPad will also start to replace our regular TV as more content is available online. ~@jesseluna

  3. The only thing that is making me ify on purchasing the unit is the lack of Flash support. I think others feel the same way too. It is the one major draw back that myself and those who I have spoken with see with the device. I will probably end up purchasing one and then sell it a few months later as I have done with netbooks that I have tested and didn’t end up liking for one reason or another.

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