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New Business Adventure in Ventura County

I’m pleased to announce that I am now a business consultant for the Economic Development Collaboration in Ventura County (EDC-VC). I’ll be helping small businesses in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties formulate and clarify, their marketing, technology, and e-business planning. Continue reading

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Five Ways To Stay Sane During Unemployment

I’ve been on the job hunt since June 1, 2010, almost five months. In that time I’ve been very fortunate to have support from my family, friends, and social network buddies.

Job searching can be an energy-draining and demoralizing process. Dozens of resumes and cover letters are sent out, screening calls happen, interviews happen, and zippo. Continue reading

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Quick Tips For Using LinkedIn In Your Job Search

I’ve heard people say this many times and have experienced it myself, job hunting is a full time job. This isn’t a pie in the sky tech blog post, this is coming from the trenches. I’ve been job searching for the past four months and I want to share my observations using LinkedIn to help you with your search.

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Managing The Fourth Business Resource – Energy

We know about energy. We need it to heat our apartments and homes, we get more of it being around inspiring people, and we lose it when our patience wanes. But I had never thought of emotional and physical energy as a business resource that has to be managed.

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Visualizing Job Search Keywords

This video shows you how to better visualize the key aspects of job by focusing on important keywords.

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On The Job Hunt – How You Can Help

I’m looking for job opportunities and I’m asking for your help. I listed my job search areas below and some helpful bits of information that demonstrate my experience in each area. You can help by connecting me with possible opportunities, spreading the news, and by just saying hello and sending encouraging words. I’ve already received a great amount of support and I’m grateful.

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A Big Decision

I made a huge decision a couple of weeks ago. My remote work location Web Marketing Manager position was terminated as part of a reduction in forces. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I had the opportunity to move to Denver for a different position with the same company.

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JOB – CDI is seeking an Account Mgr for Los Angeles FPGA market

CDI/Octera is seeking an account manager for the Los Angeles market.

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