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RIP Dave Brubeck

Legendary pianist and composer Dave Brubeck passed away on December 5, one day shy of his 92nd birthday.

I don’t remember when it happened by in high school I fell in love with jazz. Maybe it happened when I was casually scanning local radio stations and stumbled on the jazz station. There was something comforting about the seemingly improvisational nature of the sounds that allowed me to detach from the chaos of living in a house with six other people while still trying to be a good student and stay out of trouble. Continue reading

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5 Hot Tips For Serious News Hounds

Do you follow over 100 news sources? Are you the first to retweet earthquake tweets? Do you send late night DM’s to major new sources then see them show up on the news a few minutes later? If so, then you’re definitely a news hound.

Here are five tips to keep you at the top of the news junkie food chain.

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Top 10 Predictions for 2010

2009 was full of twists and turns. Big deals, big plays, and big hearts, on all fronts. These are my predictions for 2010.

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14 Ways You Can Help Promote My Blog Class

I LOVE promoting other people and organizations that are doing good and interesting things. Whether it’s a cause, a new community service, or a new business, I’m there and ready to help. Well today I’m doing something difficult for me and asking for your help in promoting this new class. Continue reading

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Tracking a Breaking Story Using Twitter Lists – #FortHood

In a tragic situation such as the Fort Hood shootings, the Twitter Lists feature is extremely powerful as it creates an ad-hoc news channel. You get to curate and you get to tune in. Continue reading

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