14 Ways You Can Help Promote My Blog Class


Niceblog blogging class
I just started registration for my upcoming online blog class. It is an intro to blogging class using WordPress.com. Registration is open now and the class begins on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

I LOVE promoting other people and organizations that are doing good and interesting things. Whether it’s a cause, a new community service, or a new business, I’m there and ready to help. Well today I’m doing something different for me and asking for your help in promoting this new online class.

You’re supporting me just by reading this blog post, so Thank You! Also big thanks to those who have already registered and Retweeted.

Here are 14 ways to help support my blog class:

1. Register and take the course if you are looking to get started with blogging.

2. Tell a friend who may want to get into blogging about the class.

3. Tell your community about it. Whether this is your online or IRL community.

4. Use the #niceblog tag in related tweets.

5. Tweet the Registration page or this page on Twitter.

6. Follow @niceblog on Twitter.

7. Blog about it or post info to your Twitwall account.

8. Interview me and find out why I started this class.

9. Wear a Twibbon on your avatar. They are available at twibbon.com or contact me and I can make you one.

10. Do a video in support of the class. This could just be a 12Seconds.tv video or even a video response on this blog post.

11. Add a link or button to your blog. Contact me if you need a button and I’ll make one for you if you like.

12. Post the link to the Registration page to your Facebook account. You can use the Share feature at the bottom of the registration page. Or just add the page as a Link on your Facebook status.

13. Are you using Twitter Lists? Add @jesseluna and @niceblog to your “WordPress” or “Blogging” list and any others that are relevant.

14. Mention this class to your PR and blogger friends. Who knows, they may be interested in writing about a bootstrap venture.

Thanks for your attention and support!