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Trackbacks In WordPress Sites [Video]

This is a video response to Cathy Larkin (@WhyDoWeBlog on Twitter) who asked about Trackbacks during a #blogchat conversation. What are trackbacks and when they would be used in relation to WordPress.org blogs? Watch the video and find out.

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“Conocimientos” – Energy Boosters For Your Meetings

The first time I took a snowboarding lesson, I was taught one useful tip – point in the direction where you want the board to go.  This physical and directional trick actually helps steer you.  However, focus on the trees and the same thing will happen.

Author and marketing guru Seth Godin recently wrote a post about doing “checkins” just before a meeting.  He suggests each team member speak up and talk about their fears.  I understand where Seth is coming from but would offer a more holistic approach.

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Seth Godin’s “Brands In Public” Dashboards [Updated]

I had to take the night to think about Seth Godin’s recent post on his company’s launching of Brands in Public. Continue reading

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A Time to Scream

After reading Seth Godin’s blog post “Willfully ignorant vs. aggressively skeptical” on screaming and being the most informed, I thought I should share my thoughts on using screaming as part of an online social cause campaign.

Many people know that I’ve been screaming in support of healthcare reform and many have joined in. But screaming doesn’t always work. There has to be genuine urgency aimed at one’s trust network and one’s intent must be clear. Continue reading

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It’s not the size that matters Seth

Marketing Guru Seth Godin is way off on his post today, “You will be misunderstood“, when he writes: All of which is a way of warning you about microblogging (Twitter, etc.). If you’ve got 140 characters to make your point, … Continue reading

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