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AP Sends Bewildered News Seekers to Facebook

Bank robber Willie Sutton was once asked, “Why do you rob banks?” His reply, “Because that’s where the money is.” The AP is taking the same approach and sending some of it’s Twitter links to Facebook, because that’s where millions of people are.

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WordPress serves up lightening fast RSS

Today, WordPress deployed a new functionality called RSS Cloud to its 7.5 million blogs on Wordpress.com. This allows people to get notification of blog feeds as soon as they are published. Continue reading

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WordPress.com launches Readomattic feed feature

Alex Shiels, presenter at Word Camp Australia 2008, recently announced a new feature for WordPress.com users – Readomattic. Readomattic is feed reader tool located within the WordPress.com admin section. It launched minutes ago and allows users to track their favorite … Continue reading

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