How To Add A QR Code To Your Blog [VIDEO]

QR Codes
I avoided paying attention to QR codes. Some of my Twitter friends were obsessed with them and I hadn’t investigate them enough to see the full value. Now I do.

QR Codes are a great way to connect mobile devices to print, signage, clothing, and much much much more.

Best Uses

Some of the best uses of QR codes come from online companies that are part of the mobile application ecosystem.

The Appsgeyser mobile development site for Android apps uses QR Codes to prompt developers/users to download apps.

Appsgeyser use of QR Codes

OpenAppMarket is a mini app store for HTML5 applications. You can get to the apps from the URL, by posting via phone, or by accessing the QR code.

OpenAppMkt use of QR codes

Best Buy’s QR code labeled price tags. How many times do you go buy something then wish you had a computer so you could look things up? Happens to me all the time. I don’t carry my laptop around while shopping but I always have my smart phone.

Best Buy QR codes in store

Photo credit: Travelin’ Librarian on Flickrlicense

QR Code Scanners

I did a little Twitter crowdsourcing a couple of weeks ago and asked tweeps what their favorite QR Code readers were. I expected to hear crickets but QR Code lovers came out of the woodwork. These are some of the apps they mentioned.

1) Qrafter – Free: Not bad but the ads are pretty obvious and it has a couple of extra steps to actually get to the URL. The app had trouble recognizing some on screen codes that my favorite ones were able to read.

2) Microsoft Tag reader – Free: Had trouble recognizing tags. I stopped testing it after it missed a couple of tags.

3) AT&T Code ScannerWinner! Free: This app is great and it’s the one I started using on a regular basis. I also used it to test out my Create Your Own Code application.

How To Add A QR Code To Your Blog

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12 Responses to How To Add A QR Code To Your Blog [VIDEO]

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  2. Jayakumar says:

    I have a QR code for my WordPress blog and made the QR code as my Facebook profile pic. Quite a few hits becoz of that 🙂

  3. Matias S. says:

    Hey! you don’t imagine my surprise when i saw my plugin announced at lifehacker, and now i realize that what because of you 😀 nice to know that my plugin is usefull 😛
    And i just wanted you to know, that seeing it been used, made me stop been lazy and releasing a new version, much more stable and supporting multiple widgets! hope you like it!

  4. Roberto says:

    (I wrote this comment in lifehacker but for some reason it didn’t appear after a while, so I came to the source :-))

    In the Drupal world you can also find some QR-code related modules. One of them is the dot2code QR code management service.

    The module is based in our dot2code service and provides dashboards to create and manage QR codes that link to the Drupal site, but also to external URLs, vCards or static files such as PDFs or images. Codes can be added almost everywhere and their number of scans can be tracked.

    Just in case it could be interesting for someone out there 🙂

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  8. Great Tutorial but if i want not the url in qrcode i want the current post in the url, ( for example i have an sms site and i want each page with sms inside qr code)

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