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VCC Lights Up With Social Media – Three Questions With A CEO

Visual Communications Company’s (VCC) has re-designed its site from the ground up. The new version is much more social media friendly. This kind of Web site transition is becoming very common for Business to Consumer (B2C) and online companies, but is still a new thing for brick and mortar Business to Business (B2B) companies. VCC manufacturers and sell LEDs and LED mounting devices.

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OK, which movie should I watch next?

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Four Awesome iPad Visions and Videos

Four Amazing iPad tablet visions and videos!

Bannier, Penguin Books, Wired, and Viv Magazine keep us drooling for the new iPad.
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Apple iPad Moment # 645 – Sunny Day

[VIDEO] The Apple iPad is sure to be a game changer in the digital sphere, but it will have other important uses as well. Enjoy “Apple iPad Moment #645″ – Sunny Day.”

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Support Health Care Reform – Make Your Voice Heard And Call Your Rep

There will be an historic vote today and it’s close. Please make your voice heard and call your representative.
I just called Rep. Elton Gallegly’s office(CA-24) urging him to support health care reform. Continue reading

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WhopperFace – Is That Your Face On My Whopper? (VIDEO)

Burger King’s marketing is once again pushing the envelope. Or, in this case, pushing the wrapper.

Customers in Brazil had their pictures taken by a secret camera then found their faces on the Whopper wrapper.

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Something green

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Here’s a four-leaf clover for ya (Video)

IMG_0504.MOV Watch on Posterous

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California Dreamin’

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Staycation – Relax and Refuel (VIDEO)

I had a week off so I did fun stuff across the Central Coast. Fun, food, family, and sun. Here’s a video recap of my time off. Enjoy.

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