My Review of Get Seen by Steve Garfield

I posted this review of Steve Garfield’s book, “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets To Building your Business” to In the spirit of my 2010 mantra “Own your own stuff”, I’m re-publishing my review here.

The Review

Get Seen is a MUST for anyone looking at doing online video. I’ve been following Steve Garfield’s work for almost two years now and couldn’t wait to pick up a copy of Get Seen and pour through it. This book doesn’t just talk about how important video will be, it shows you step-by-step how to use the tools. You learn practical tips, expert analysis on the best ways to use cameras, Web sites, and social media tools.

I highly recommend Get Seen and you owe it to yourself to also follow up and follow Steve’s blog, Twitter account, and other digital trails.

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2 Responses to My Review of Get Seen by Steve Garfield

  1. Thanks for posting the review on and I like your idea of owning your own stuff and posting it here on your blog.

    Thanks again!

  2. Jesse Luna says:

    Thanks for stopping by Steve and best of luck with the book. I’ve learned a lot from following you on Twitter, your blog posts, and of course from the book. Thank you!

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