Post to Tumblr from Tweetdeck

Post To Tumblr from Tweetdeck

The latest version of Tweetdeck, a popular Twitter client, now allows users to post to their Tumblr and blogs.

In this video, I review how to set up a new Tweetdeck account and post to a Tumblr blog. This is the same process that you would use to post to a blog. See my notes below the video.

Will you use Tweetdeck to post to your blogs?


  • To post to, the Twitter Base URL setting is “”
  • For, the Twitter Base URL is “”

29 thoughts on “Post To Tumblr from Tweetdeck”

  1. Jesse, just want to say “thanks” for posting on how to post to Tumblr from Tweetdeck. I have been searching Google for this info since Friday when the new Tweetdeck version was released. Following your video I was able to successfully add my Tumblr account to Tweetdeck. Big thanks!

      1. This no longer works it seems. I have tried it w/ v0.38.1 and it says “Ah wrong details, try again!”

  2. Thank you so much. This was beyond helpful, and exactly what I've been looking for in terms of a live dashboard stream!

  3. Frederik – For the “username” use your Tumblr blog’s name. For example, if your blog is, then use “Frederik” in the “username” field then use your Tumblr password in the “password” field. The base URL is I just set up a new Tumblr account on Tweetdeck v Good luck!

  4. Works for me, just wish i could post pictures to Tumblr in-post. Instead i just does a link to Twitpic.

    I wish Tumblr had an optional checkbox for posting to Facebook, just like it does on Twitter.

  5. Thanks for the post. I had to read all of the comments to get it to work. You might want to add a short blurb to support the video. Video might not be the optimal format for presenting this info.

    1. -@Syd Salmon, thanks for the feedback. I think you’re right, the post could use better text information (and maybe a video transcript). I play with different levels of video content vs. text content to find an optimal balance.

      1. @Jesse Luna, a video transcript is a good idea. You should see increased search engine referral traffic. Automating is the key. A speech recognition tool such as Dragon Dictate could potentially allow you to record and capture the transcript at the same time. If you’re producing your video with Adobe tools. They have transcription in Premier Pro and some of the other tools.

        1. Syd- Speech recognition up front is a great idea. Thanks for the tip. I’ve been using YouTube’s built in transcription feature. With YouTube, *if* the video is transcribed, I then take the file, update it, and re-upload it. Several of my other videos include transcriptions. I’m mostly using Camtasia for the tutorials.

  6. Jesse the correct base url for wordpress blogs thru twitter is not
    For, the Twitter Base URL is “”

    IT IS:



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  8. Chris is right. I just installed v.037.5 and was correctly entering subdomain name from tumblr and the correct password and it will never verify details. Deleted ELS file, launched Tweetdeck as administrator. None of these fixed it.

  9. hey i tried following your steps, but when i try to enter my email to log into tumblr it wont let me type special characters like “.” or “@”

  10. Tested this out today on v0.37.5. If you go to set up a new “post to Tumblr” account, things are NOT working. It appears that Tumblr now requires an email address for the login and no longer allows the site url base to be passed in as the username.

    I just tweeted at @DesktopDeck to see if they will be allowing “@” and “.” characters but that isn’t very likely. Tweetdeck still lists “post to Tumblr” as one of its features so either they don’t know about the problem or haven’t addressed it yet.

    I haven’t been keeping track of the evolution of Tumblr’s API methods so not sure when they moved to require email address to allow third party logins.

    PLEASE NOTE: I messed up and forgot to test my current setup before deleting it to test things. If you already set things up, it might still be working.

    I’ll keep you all posted, thanks for the great feedback on this!

  11. Jesse – any further news/updates on posting to Tumblr from within Tweetdeck?

    It’s maddening that the Tweetdeck site promotes the feature but it hasn’t been available for some time now.

    Thanks – pr

  12. Same with me!! I am using the new updated version 3.8 and you still can’t add a Tumbler account

  13. This no longer works on the latest (0.38.1) version as you need to enter the @ sign for user credentials, but TD does not allow this symbol in the twitter credential fields

  14. Hello,

    I want to add my tumblr acct to my tweet deck account.
    I have added the username and the password but it does not seem to work.
    I get ‘ah wrong details’ even though I’m plugging in the correct info.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Thank you


  15. just got tweetdeck & it seems like a chance to actually USE tumbler – which is a resource i waste. but my deck don’tlooklike your deck – no little strip of accounts, etc…
    only option is “add new twit account” & no url thingy comes along.

    you are apparently amazing AND generous, so thanking you ahead of time – or even if left to my own devices til i’m able to use what so many have already!

  16. ps – ah – mine IS the latest, NOW. and isna so sweet as yours. is this why i just saw some dude on google giving advice on how to get the old tweetdeck?

    mebbe you could update this trick for the new set-up?

    oh and i don’t know how to get the bird onto my website either, but that would be a really unfair thing to ask given steepness of my learning curve.

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