BlackBird Pie – A Quick Way To Serve Up Tweets On Your Site

Assignment: Capture a tweet and display it on your site or blog.

BlackBird Pie is a little script created by @robinsloan at Twitter Media that allows site publishers to easily display tweets.

The usual process for displaying tweets is to type them in then hyperlink to the original tweet. Or, maybe a site will go farther and take a screen shot of the tweet page then crop the image and add a hyperlink to the original tweet. It takes time.

With BlackBird Pie, I was able to capture a tweet by following these steps:

  1. Go to a Twitter profile via Twitter Web and find a tweet to display.
  2. Click on the time stamp link to see the individual tweet then copy the tweet’s URL.
  3. Clicking timestamp to go to individual tweet

  4. Go to the BlackBird Pie page
  5. Paste in the URL and click on the “Bake It” button.
  6. Cut and paste the resulting script and paste it into your web site or blog wherever you want to reference the tweet

Here’s there resulting tweet:

Don’t just provide value to your customers, provide *irreplaceable* value.less than a minute ago via web

Quick Notes
Apparently, this script does not work on Tumblr blogs, according to the Twitter Media site.

We just learned a simple way to reference an individual tweet on our site or blog.

Do you think you’ll start using BlackBird Pie when you reference a tweet? Why or why not?