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LikeALittle - flirt anonymously allows users to post tweet-like flirtatious updates about nearby people. The site is already posting updates from users at over 450 college campuses, has over 25,000 Facebook “Likes,” and has brought in millions of page views.

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LikeALittle only allows the posting of positive messages to keep the positive karma going on. It’s a flirting site, not a bashing site. The site is also anonymous and every user is assigned a fruit name. If the user leaves then returns, they are assigned a new fruit username.

Here are real examples of recent posts from the Stanford University area (I’m using Stanford in this example especially because the co-founder, Evan Reas, is a Stanford grad):

LikeALittle LogoAt Stanford University: Female, Black hair
What to do when you like a girl, and you’re pretty sure she feels something too, but she recently started going out with someone else?

That post received 10 comments including this one:

LikeALittle LogoApple says: Or just wait a bit…things around here don’t last long… Unless they do.

I was curious to see what the buzz was on LikeALittle so I did a search over “LikeALittle” on Twitter and found seemingly mixed opinions such as:

LikeALittle Logo“#likealittle website gives me the creeps…yet somehow i’m addicted?”

LikeALittle Logo“Okay so this whole likealittle website thing literally FREAKS me out. SO weird and freaky and desparate…”

LikeALittle Logo“LikeALittle is the greatest thing to ever happen to this campus. I’m in heaven.”

LikeALittle Logo“someone wrote a likealittle about me #flattered”

The Future of

LikeALittle is still ramping up in terms of its userbase. If you visit a campus page and scroll down a bit, you’ll see items that are several days or weeks old. It reminds me of Foursquare in its early days.

Like Facebook, keeping activity on a campus by campus basis will be difficult as the number of users increase. People who are not in college will want to use the service to get flirty with folks at their local cafes and libraries.

Right now, the site has a “Keep your posts complimentary and positive” policy. As more users find LikeALittle, it will be more difficult to manage the tone of the posted comments.

Flirty vs. Creepy

What do you think, is the concept fun and flirty or creepy? Drop a comment and share with the other readers.