[Video Tutorial] How to Turn on Geotagging on WordPress.com

WordPress recently announced geotagging support for WordPress.com blogs. Naturally I had to check it out but had trouble finding out which switch to flip. Luckily I ran into the new Geotagging Support page and I was off and running.

This video shows you how to turn on Geotagging. And no, this is not available for custom WordPress.org blogs yet. Enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “[Video Tutorial] How to Turn on Geotagging on WordPress.com”

  1. Hey, Jesse.

    This is Ryan from WordPress.tv. One of my colleagues pointed out this tutorial for me and I’d like to see if we can get hold of the original video for publication on WordPress.tv as a tutorial.

    If you’re interested, please reply to me by email and I’ll give you additional information on how to do this.


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