Offline B2B companies becoming more social


I’m pretty excited because the ISA Expo in Houston, TX was the first electronics industry trade show where there was a significant amount of Twittering going on.

Here’s the tweet stream using the #ISAExpo hashtag.

I’ve been in the electronics industry for over eleven years (Component Distributors Inc.) as a tech trainer, developer, and marketing manager. Even though we make and sell the components that go into your favorite high tech gizmos, we are often late adopters when it comes to the Web. Many of the companies in this space are manufacturers so they have plants with big machinery and production lines. The most important thing is to create quality products for the correct marketplace at a competitive rate – not to try out the latest and greatest web technologies.

Moreover, were’re talking about a largely business-to-business (B2B) group of companies so there is typically far less mass media PR exposure than a business that sells directly to consumers (B2C).

But the industry can read the writing on the wall and it says that focusing on relationships is key and social media can help with online efforts.

I’ll be blogging more about this industry’s trasition into social media in the weeks to come. Feel free to follow me at @CDI as well.

Do you know of any industries that are late to the Twitter/social media game but are just starting to emerge? How are they making their transition?