WordPress Blogging Course Description and Registration


Online Blog Class - WordPress.com - PART ONE
Registration is now available.

1) Make payment via PayPal or credit card by clicking on the “Pay Now” button below.

2) After I receive the PayPal confirmation, I will send you an email welcoming you to the class. This is a manual process so it may take a few hours before you hear back from me.

3) The class begins on Saturday November 14, 2009. This is a two week course but you will have access to the class materials until November 30, 2009 December 31, 2009.

4) Course materials and activities will be available on a private secured blog site. When class begins, I will be monitoring the site and responding to questions you may have on a daily basis, so you won’t be alone!

Stay tuned to this blog, follow me at @jesseluna on Twitter, or follow my new course-specific account at @niceblog, for more details and blogging tips.

Thanks for your interest!

-Jesse P. Luna


Class Description: WordPress Blogging – PART ONE

2 week session (online)

This two week session provides introductory blog-writing skills. We will cover setting up a new WordPress.com blog, adding custom headers, and writing effective blog posts.

Class sessions and materials will be delivered online via blog posts, PDFs, and videos with additional resources on Twitter.

Registration Fee: $45

About Jesse Luna (Instructor):
Jesse is Web Marketing manager at a high tech company and owner of JPLuna Web Design. He has worked as a programmer, trainer, and marketer for the past eleven years.

Before Jesse started in the tech industry, he taught elementary and middle school for seven years and volunteered for several non-profit organizations. He first started blogging in 2003, started the Build Your Fanbase blog in the summer of 2008, and edits several other blogs.