Chaos Theory

This is the first time I’ve published my Chaos Theory although all my family and friends are well acquainted with my ideas. My theory on chaos is that when it appears that everything is going to pot, it’s usually going to be due to one person or a small group of people. I first noticed …

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Videsta Quotable

I know you call the person who serves your coffee a barrista, but what do you call someone who sells you videos?  A videsta? Of Eddie Murphy, upon my checking out of Norbit: Videsta: "When he’s not playing a donkey, he is in drag."

Leadership and Voice

While at Stanford, I took a One Act playwriting class taught by Obie-winning writer Adrienne Kennedy.  For our final presentation, we had to have a classmate read a portion of our play.  When Doug started reading my script I was utterly astonished.  I couldn’t believe that what he was reading were my words.  They were …

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