Oreo Crumbling


After a couple of months of pushing away hardcore junk food, I
finally submitted to Oreo cookies.  I wish stress eating allowed one to
only eat one cookie and then put them away.  But alas, it was not so.
I only ate about ten of them…yeah, I guess ten is a lot at one

I’m going to have a big day tomorrow so I decided to stress eat in
anticipation.  Interestingly enough, eating the cookies did not reduce
the stress.  But at least now I don’t crave them.

I’m thinking that I need to substitute a new habit for stress eating.
How about stress exercising?  Although, I’ve heard that some people do
that and that it can also have negative effects if they exercise too
much.  They can also become self-obsessed with their appearance which I
would imagine could lead to some sort of eating disorder.

To make up for this slip, I’m going to set a firm goal of releasing 40 pounds of weight taking me to 180 pounds by Halloween ’08.  I know that I’m going to have to work harder than just avoiding heavy snacking.

Wish me luck and encouragements welcome.