CineVlog – A FREE WordPress Theme For Video Bloggers

CineVlog Theme by Jesse Luna

I love creating Web/blog sites and tech tutorials. Mash those two interests together and you get the video blogger WordPress theme, CineVlog.

Features of CineVlog
  • Extra wide sidebar, ready to display a huge picture or a nice sized YouTube video.
  • Dark theme, perfect for late night video watching.
  • Green glow highlights to make important sections POP.
  • Drop-down sub menus
  • Dozens of hours in development time and months of live testing. I used it on this site for several months.

CineVlog Theme by Jesse Luna

FREE Download of CineVlog

To install you must extract the CineVlog theme and post the”CineVlog” directory and all its contets it to your WordPress blog’s “themes” directory. You can find more information on using Themes on the official site.

Software Notes

This software is available with no warranties, use at your own risk. This code is available AS IS. You can modify and redistribute this theme as you like but unless you make substantial changes to the code please keep this site’s URL ( at the bottom of the footer page.

Karma Ware

The software is available via Karma Ware. Dozens of hours of development time and hundreds of cups of coffee went into this project.

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