Twitter cliques – who’s in your Twique?


Twitter cliques - twiques
If you’re using Twitter, there’s a good chance that you’re a member of one of these four twiques. You may not completely identify with any one of these twiques, but it’s like the school cafeteria, eventually you have to choose your own space and there will be others doing the same thing.

ONE. Information Junkie – Many Twitter users log in to tweet about news, excellent blog posts, or re-post other tweets via retweets.

Who they follow
These users are more likely to follow news feeds like @BreakingNews or local news accounts, news personalities, print media figures, and Twitterati (Twitter insiders or “influentials”).

You may be an Information Junkie if:
a) You retweet every major news item in CAPS.
b) One of your tweets has shown up on a live CNN segment with @ricksanchezcnn
c) The only pictures on your blog are of books, fountain pens, or David Allen.

TWO. Fanboys/Fangirls – Yes, celebrities are making their way onto Twitter by the droves and many love to support them.

Who they follow
That’s an easy one, they follow every celebrity they can identify. From one-hit wonders to Internet phenoms, to solid gold actors.

You may be a Fanboy/Fangirl if:
a) You’ve commented on every single @mrskutcher Twitpic
b) You’ve watched at least a dozen TV shows because the star asked you to tune in via a tweet
c) You still think @ijustine will reply to you some day.

THREE. Funny Bunnies – Some tweet peeps use Twitter to hone their comedic writing. This “sub-culture” is chock full of characters (usually Rated R) and they keep score using the site Favrd which keeps track of tweets that have been Favorited.

Who they follow
Funny tweeters usually only follow other funny tweeters. The main reason for this is that in order to score points on Favrd, their peeps have to know about Favrd and be registered on the site. The other reason is that many of the funny tweets are R-rated so they tend to offend non-Funny Bunnies.

You may be a Funny Bunny if:
a) You regularly chronicle four or more bodily functions
b) Make three or more people spit their coffee out every morning
c) You hand out more gold stars than a kindergarten teacher.

FOUR. The Conversationalist – Many people are on Twitter to meet other people and engage in community building. Some, like The Conversationalist, live on Twitter. Tensions may arise if a Conversationalist expects one of the other personalities to do the same.

Who they follow:
They will follow everyone who is engaged in real conversations and will follow folks from all other Twitter types hoping they will chat back.

You may be a Conversationalist if:
a) Your last 200 tweets are all Replies
b) You converse with people via Blips at 1AM.
c) You’ve wished over 50 people a happy birthday in the last month.

So there you have it, four very different Twitter cliques or “twiques”.

Which twique are you in?