“The Revolution” Takes on Hoover Dam


By John W. Bosley

Imagine a mystical land with a stream called, “Indie”. Fish are traveling in this stream heading to a bigger stream called, “Main Stream”. There’s salmon, trout, perch, and many others. Some are exotic fish, others are fairly plain. All the fish have one goal in mind: to reach the “Main Stream”. If they do not reach the “Main Stream”, the fish die or grow weak with hunger.

As all these fish travel to the end of their journey they suddenly run head long into this large monstrosity…a dam the size of the Hoover Dam!…

Right at the point where “Indie” dumps into “Main Stream” this dam stands like a fortress to hold back those who would dare to come in. This dam has been there for years. It’s not made with precision, but by circumstances. Sometimes it’s technology, or lack of funding. Other times, like in the present it is “too-much-content”, or not enough distribution companies. But for whatever reason, this dam stands in the way to forbid anyone from entering the “Main Stream”.

In frantic panic all these fish dart back and forth to find a way out. Some think in their craziness that if they just follow all the right directions and do what “experts“ tell them they‘ll be ok.

But suddenly one or two of the salmon decide to do a crazy stunt…. They back up and charge at the dam, then, just as they come close, they leap high in the air, trying to jump the dam…. Sadly, many of the salmon who try to escape… die. But a few make it over and find safety in the “Main Stream”.

So why did I tell this obvious tale about film distribution and relate it to fish in a stream? To answer some of the reactions to a quote in one of my press releases:

“The system is broken,” Bosley stated. “The traditional route that an independent filmmaker is expected to take in order to gain a distributor via film festivals no longer works. Also, the recession makes the traditional film festival too expensive for the average audience member. We needed another way to reach out to the population.”


The system in many ways has always been broken because it is flawed.  The film business maybe one of the most competitive businesses out there. Only so much content can truly be seen, and now, too much content is creating a serious problem. It’s an issue of supply and demand. There aren’t enough indie distributors out there and “everybody and their brother” who has a camera is calling themselves a filmmaker. Only the strongest will survive.

Is it possible that a really great story could be buried forever by the sheer amount of independent films that are out there? Yes. Any film, studio backed or completely independent runs the risk of being “un-noticed”. Why do you think that marketing is so important? Has it potentially happened before? Yes. Remember this film in 1977 called “Star Wars“? Lucas brought this script around to every executive in the business to get someone to fund it, but nobody could understand the complexity of the story until one executive took a risk on Lucas. Lucas‘ persistence, probably almost to the level of annoyance, paid off.. and it ends up being one of the most lucrative story ideas ever.

I have decided to be one of the crazy “salmon” in my little tale I told of the streams. I have and will continue to try unconvential routes to reach out to my audience. I will not back down from my pursuit of reaching as many audience members as possible and give them a chance to see the story of “Amnesia”

The Amnesia Movie Poster Contest and Rebfest are both ways in which I am reaching out to my audience in a personal way.

 RebFest is about emerging talent, which I am concerned has been pushed aside and not celebrated enough. RebFest was actually conceived because of many filmmakers on Twitter and the realization that what WAS working is NOT working any more. (I would go into more detail, but I don’t have enough space.)

For me, the reason for making “Amnesia” changed from when I started on the project. “Amnesia” has become one of the most important projects that I will ever do. I have become extremely loyal to making sure as many people as possible hear about this film and can watch it. Anyone who has seriously sat down and watch the film, allowing the story to influence them, realizes that the story, message and relevance that is has to our present time is extremely important. I believe that “Amnesia” may possibly be one of the most important stories of this decade, that is why I don’t back down!

The “Allan Carter Saga Part I: ‘amnesia’” is being showcased at http://www.rebfest.com March29th – April 3rd.