How to Thank Your Fans

It’s great seeing all the Thanksgiving thank you messages on social network sites like Twitter and Facebook. So how can you say “Thanks” to your fans?

Here are two quick examples:


Internet Marketing expert Douglas Karr extended a special Thank You to all his blog Commenters by listing them on today’s blog post. He listed them in order of how active they’ve been on his site.

Wouldn’t you rather comment on a site that listens to you and appreciates your comments? I would!

Thank You message from Douglas Karr

Thank You message from Douglas Karr


Here’s an offline example of how to thank your fans. Make your fans famous and post pictures of them!

My favorite little burger place in Ventura, CA is BJ’s. They have great burgers and have lots of loyal customers. When the shop changed ownership, they wanted to keep the regulars coming back so they started posting pictures of folks. The picture below is a bit dark because it was raining but there were still people standing out there to look for their friends and relatives on the picture board.

Loyal customers can see thier pictures on BJ's fan board

Loyal customers can see thier pictures on BJ's fan board

Do you have any other great ideas for saying Thanks to your fans? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Responses to How to Thank Your Fans

  1. Douglas Karr says:

    Thanks a lot for the link love! It’s readers that make me take the time each day and decide whether or not the topic I’m working on is worthy of posting.

  2. jesse says:

    Doug, it’s great to see that you took the time to list folks who have helped you out throughout the year. It demonstrates that you care about them as more than just a running comment count. Great job! – Jesse

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