Online Voter Registration Now Available in California


Online voter registration

California has just rolled out the full process to allow U.S. citizens the ability to register to vote online. I haven’t tried out the full process yet but look forward helping to register people in my community. And, it will be nice to use a tablet device instead of a clipboard.

You can direct people to the California Secretary of State’s Voter Registration Form at:

In order to be eligible to vote in the November 6, 2012 election, General Election, the online Form must be finished and submitted before midnight Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on October 22, 2012.

The Form also allows users to register in Spanish. Just click on the” español (Spanish)” radio button and the form will switch over to Spanish. Pretty nifty.

Why is online voter registration awesome?

Online Voter Registration is awesome because it is another option when it comes to registration. Up to this point you have always had to deal with paper forms to register. This is the correct direction when it comes to voter engagement and a much different philosophy than the voter suppression efforts we’ve seen in other states.

What can you do to spread the news?

  • Share this post or share the direct link to Online Voter Registration form.
  • Share this post with organizations involved in voter engagement projects. They’ll keep doing voter registration using a clipboard but they can tell folks about the new online option.
  • Blog about it, tweet about it, share this post on Facebook. Use the social buttons at the top of this post to share this post.

As you go out and help people register to vote, leave a comment below if you learn of any good tips on using this Form.