Ten Clues You May be a Union Communicator


10. You gained 15 pounds in your first two weeks from eating pizza at member meetings.

9. You spend more time in city council meetings and rallies than you do at home.

8. You spend 14 hour days with co-workers then go out to have fun with those same co-workers to get away from it all.

7. You’re using the AP Styleguide to see if I should have capitalized “be” in this blog post title.

6. You say “messaging” a lot.

5. You have an awesome assortment of t-shirts, flyers, clipboards, and pickets in you car but only a tenth as many as organizers.

4. You’re never in photos because you’re always taking them.

3. You practice new chants and come up with cool Twitter hashtags in your spare time.

2. You stopped reading comments on local newspaper blog articles.

1. You didn’t get to read this entire list because you had to run off to an action.

Did I miss any? If so, add it as a comment.