Curating tweets on Flipboard by using Twitter Lists #iPad


This is a screenshot from the iPad Flipbooks application of my “Eric-Twitter-Hearts” list.  This list contains folks who supported Eric De La Cruz in his fight for a heart transplant.


By using Twitter lists, you can build your own customized “newspaper” or newsletter even if you have thousands of followers.  The key is in curating your lists properly.

To use a Twitter list instead of your whole Twitter feed:

  1. Sign into Twitter (you need to have your account activated first)
  2. Tap on the “Edit” button under the word “Contents”
  3. Tap on “Add A Section” (if all your “sections” are full, you’ll have to delete one first by clicking on the “x”)
  4. Select your Twitter list by scrolling then tapping on the list (you’ll see the default Flipboard list first but then your own Twitter lists will zoom up on the list)
  5. The section will load and now you can tap through to see the content

Shoutout to @Flipboard on Twitter for responding to me with the instructions!

Also, if I didn’t put you on the #Eric-Twitter-Hearts list and you should be, my apologies. @ or DM me and I’ll add you.

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