Mom’s world grows dark to help daughters (VIDEO)


Imagine being in debt up to your eyeballs then imagine losing your vision over it.

That’s just what’s happening to Monique Zimmerman-Stein’s family.

Monique and her two children have a rare genetic disease called Sticker Syndrome.  Stickler Syndrome affects connective tissue in the eyes and face.  In Monique’s case she is almost completely blind.

With mounting health care bills and a barrage of calls from creditors, Monique can no longer afford her own treatment so that they can help pay out of pocket expenses for her daughters. Even though the family has Blue Cross/Blue Shield through Monique’s husband, the insurance company has started denying payment on treatments claiming the girls already “had enough services”, according to Zimmerman.

“You’ve got this innocent child that you want to save her eyesight
But you know that the insurance is going to stick you with enormous bills…” -Monique Zimmerman-Stein put this video together for their story on the Zimmerman family.

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