I’ve Been Tagged – Six Things About Me


Kat Tansey tapped me on the shoulder and “tagged” my blog. The tagging of a blog is a meme that’s been around for some time. This is one way for several bloggers to “play” together.

When you’re out there blogging it’s essential to communicate with other bloggers. It builds intimacy and shows that you’re not too “stuffy” to write about different themes.

I’m mixing text with video, because that’s how I roll.

So here we go, SIX THINGS:

ONE – As a child, I had climbing super powers. I could jump a fence, climb a tree, or freestyle up a mountain with the greatest of easy. When I got to Junior High (that’s what they used to call Middle School) I had to do the infamous rope climb for PE. When it was my turn, I scampered up the rope like a squirrel and rang the bell at the top. I was instantly asked to join the gymnastics team and placed 5th in the city meet with very little practice. Uh, yeah, had I practiced I could have placed 1st. Learned a lesson there.

* 12seconds.tv video- Jesse on Climbing

TWO – One of my favorite shows on TV as a youth was Fall Guy starring Lee Majors (a.k.a., the Six Million Dollar Man). The show was about a Hollywood stunt man and that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. It never happened but it’s never too late!

*12seconds.tv on Stunts

THREE – I almost crashed in a snowstorm because I was doing an imitation.

6 things – #3 Here’s Johnny!!! on 12seconds.tv

FOUR: I volunteered on several political campaigns and one candidate is now joining Obama’s cabinet.

* 12seconds.tv – Political Volunteer

FIVE – I used to be a Migrant Education teacher. That means that I had a job working with migrant students after my regular teaching day. But it also describes my teaching history. I taught at five different schools in California in seven years. Every first year at a school was like starting all over again. I miss teaching very much and am currently working on a project to reconnect with former students and create a documentary on the experience.

SIX – It’s my birthday today!! (Jan 26)

OK, here are the tagged ones and the rules:

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