Ad Hoc PR Topic Dominates Monday Night Convos Journchat

I’ve never seen anything like it before on Twitter.  It was not an event or a new item, just a question that PR expert Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans) asked on Twitter.  The meat of the trend lasted for about 3 hours and had PR folks, bloggers, news channel reporters, and other journalists lighting up the board with #journchat tweets on Twitter.

Sarah was able to encourage the conversation snowball effect by:

  1. Stating a clear question to her fan base (over 4,000 followers)
  2. Setting up a hashtag (#journchat), being consistent in its use, and asking others to use it
  3. Responding to questions,encouraging more questions, and re-tweeting responses
  4. Not engaging with people who were ready to dismiss the topic
  5. Encouraging people to follow the tag via Twitter Search and to start following each other

Key takeaways from this conversation event is that you need to find your own conversation point, stick to it and ask others to contribute and grow the discussion.

As a result of the massive communication/expertise exchange, the plan is to have another similar discussion next Monday 7PM-11PM Central.

This is one of Sarah’s first #journchat tweets of the afternoon.

“HI JOURNALISTS. What’s the best way to initiate dialogue with you (assuming there is NO pitch) Tag #journchat (Send reply to @PRsarahevans)” (View Tweet)

View of #journchat trending on Twitscoop at 10:15PM PST.

Twitscoop snapshot at 10:15pm PST

Twitscoop snapshot at 10:15pm PST

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2 Responses to Ad Hoc PR Topic Dominates Monday Night Convos Journchat

  1. I only got to engage in a tiny piece of #journchat, but it ROCKED. I connected with one writer who covers health care topics (an area in which my campus has faculty experts who may be a resource for her). We’re exchanging emails this morning.

    The best part (from my perspective) is that I didn’t jump into it looking for an outcome; I was just offering up what works for me. That’s how we all get better in the profession, which is good for all of us.

    Besides this serendipitous direct outcome, the sense of real-time engagement (a strength of Twitter) was great.

    I’ll be using this as a case study for a presentation I’m giving in January to the Spokane MarComm Association,, on social media.

    This is a model for other professions seeking to reach across traditional divides. Now I’m trying to think of a question I can throw out there that would have this much energy and fun!

    @WSUSpokane (account I manage)
    @BarbChamberlain (personal account I used to engage in #journchat)

  2. admin says:

    Barb, good luck on your preparation for your presentation. Hopefully we can continue our discussions on Monday evenings!

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