Entering the Political Worldwind


Today I jumped back into the political arena with a tiny act of defiance.  As Twittering Republican congressmember John Culberson staged a makeshift post session sit-in on the House floor, I sent him a single tweet asking him to look for sensible and sustainable energy solutions instead of harmful ones.

Since I was on a quick work break, I only sent the one tweet.  I wish I had the luxury of time to jump into his campaign contributions and add up his oil and energy company donations.  I wanted to challenge him, and question his tactics and unwillingness to acknowledge our replies.  After all, this is supposed to be about conversation, not a one-sided commercial for why big oil should keep giving him campaign cash.

I checked Twitter search minutes later and found that others were busy tabulating oil contributions.  $300,000+ in one unverified count.

I did however, momentarily jump into his Qik stream and leave a couple of comments in regards to drilling in my backyard.  My comments were quickly beat down by conservative voices on the chat.  Highly expected but worthwhile

So while I commend Congressmember Culberson on using and defending social media at all, he should realize that if there is no two-way conversation then social media breaks down and it becomes just another blowhole.