Japanese-Korean Relations


Just as B and I have "The List", which dictates whether or not we patronize an eating establishment, we also have the Kiss of Death List.  The KODL list means that we visited a restaurant, liked it enough to frequent it and get to know the owners, then promptly killed it.

Such was the case with Japanese restaurant Sansei in Ventura.  For months we went there and had great tempura, chicken bowls, and decent sushi, then all of a sudden the food quality went down.  We went to give it a second chance, hoping we just caught them on an off night, but when we got there the lights were out and it was closed.  Another unintentional notch on the KODL list.

After being closed several weeks, a new place opened up, Sarione, Authentic Korean BBQ.  They use a huge bento box style serving tray and packed on ample servings of beef, chicken, and pork dishes with salad…well, just look below.

Sarione_koreanPlease note that the phrase "Authentic Korean BBQ" is their description.  I’d appreciate feedback from Korean food lovers to report back on whether sushi, tempura and bento boxes are actually parts of an "authentic" Korean meal.