Double Dog Dinner and a Movie

The stress of life crashed upon us today so B and I scurried off to watch "You Don’t Mess with the Zohan" at the cheapie movies as soon as I clocked off of work, figuratively speaking.  We were looking for something funny and mindless and we picked just the right movie. 

The bill of fare was hot dogs, popcorn, and a large drink – the cornerstone of a fulfilling movie meal.  And, can you beat this, admission plus food for two for under $20? 

There are some downsides to the theater.  It skimps on good previews (since it shows older run films) and it’s informal on movie screening times, which was evident by the ten-minutes late start time.  Oh, yeah, and the upper left part of the screen is folded over.  I figured that the film image wouldn’t project there but halfway through the film I remembered to check and it indeed was "missing" that spot.  But it didn’t interfere with the <sarcasm> fabulous </sarcasm> film action.

I would review the film here in detail but I think the analytical portion of my brain was partially lobotomized somewhere between one of the zillion crotch scenes.  No, it was not an armadillo.


Ok smarty pants, name the two movie allusions in this post.  Comment your answer.

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  1. We call the cheap-O movies, the WELFARE movies. During the day it’s $1.00 to get in. We get a big bucket of extra butter popcorn and sneak in our soda. Costs us all of $6 for a day out!

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