The People’s Guide to The Law of Attraction – Part One


First of all, this blog posting is 100% *not* sponsored by the people who did The Secret.

OK, now that we got the legal stuff out of the way…

The Law of Attraction is very powerful but the information is not very accessible since many of us think the law of attraction means that if we get on a highway we’ll attract a cop.  We just don’t have practice with the useful part of The Law.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Law of Attraction, it states that all like things attract each other.  If we bring something into our lives, it’s because we brought it into our world.  So according to this Law, you brought on the leaky water heater that you and your brother-in-law installed last Winter.  The Law of Attraction says just that.  If you think "I hope my niece doesn’t use up all the hot water again", then that is what The Law of Attraction grants you.

That means that if we don’t want that whacko salesperson at Costco to stare at us, we’re drawing their unwanted gaze.  The Law doesn’t know the difference between Don’t and Do.  If it hears "whacko at Costco", it’s going to bring their unbalanced attention onto you.  It’s like when you call the phone company, don’t ever mention the word "disconnect" unless you want your phone service turned off immediately.

This is pretty heavy, The Law says that we attract everything to us and all we have to do is to think about them.  The also works for things that we actually want, like money, health, and relationships.

After reading The Secret and learning about the Law of Attraction, I immediately tested it.  I went to my front yard and summoned an end to the weeds in my yard.  Miraculously, a day later the weeds started to be sucked under ground.  It’s been a couple of months now and the gopher has made holes all over my yard.  I am now trying to manifest a low-priced landscaper.

Can you bring money into your life?  Absolutely.  I created a fake check for $32,000 so I could visualize and bring it into my life.  Later that night, I was watching Monk on cable and he wrote out a check for $32,000 on the show.  The good news is that I was able to bring a $32,000 check into being but the bad news is that it was a fictional check created by a pre-strike writer.  It appears that you have to be very specific when you try to attract something.  Now the interesting thing is that my check was dated with a January, 16, 2008 timestamp.  So, in order to manifest this check, I have to believe that the $32K on the TV show was just a reminder that the real thing was coming.  Stay tuned.