Social Media Shines Red with Hope for Marriage Equality

Heart Equlity

As the Supreme Court of the U.S. starts to weigh in on whether or not Proposition 8, a ban against gay marriage in California, is legal, social media is buzzing and changing color with streams of red equal sign logos.

Human Rights Campaign
My Facebook timeline

Human Rights Campaign, an organization devoted to supporting lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender rights, is encouraging others to use its logo and share its photos on social media sites to spread the word about the Supreme Court proceedings. My Facebook timeline has a sea of red logos.

Local activist Lucas Zucker made this comment on his Facebook profile, “You know your organization has successful branding when people are changing their Facebook profile pictures to your logo. HRC, you win.”

Of course this isn’t the first time a campaign has used logos on avatars to promote a cause. ┬áDuring the election in Iran, tens of thousands of Twitter users changed their avatars to a green tint and you can find thousands of different symbols on avatars throughout social media with political, sports, and many other types of avatar “flair.”

If you support marriage equality and want to share that on your Facebook page or Twitter stream, you can visit the Human Rights Campaign Facebook page and grab a red avatar in solidarity.