Cirque Du Soleil On The Bucket List

Cirque Du Soleil Clowns during O
I won’t be attending Blog World Expo this year, unfortunately. But I still remember the fun I had last year. Part of that fun was going to see the amazing Cirque Du Soleil show, O.

Cirque kindly provided tickets in exchange for mention of the show. I tweeted, posted pictures to my Twitter feed, and captured lots of video and Las Vegas pictures. However, an iPhone gremlin showed up on returning from Las Vegas and all my pictures and videos were lost. Yes, they stayed in Vegas. The two images on this post were stored on TwitPic so I was able to resuscitate them.

I’ve had the opportunity to see some amazing shows in my life but had always wanted to see Cirque. I was a bit of a gymnast/climbing monkey in junior high and have always been fascinated by documentaries on Cirque and its members. The cast’s strength, stamina, and grace is awe inspiring.

The ticket prices was in the $200 range so it’s definitely an investment. But if you’re in Las Vegas and have seeing Cirque on your Bucket List, I definitely recommend watching O at the Bellagio while it’s still available. You won’t be sorry.

In case you’re wondering, you are not supposed to take photos during the show but the performers encouraged it before the curtains opened so I captured the image of the two performers with the inner tube. And, there is a great art gallery at the entrance to the show where photos are prohibited but I didn’t read the sign until after I took and posted this photo below so enjoy!

Graceful statue at the Bellagio for Cirque's show O