How To Get Facebook Page Notifications

Facebook has a myriad ways to receive notifications but not from your own Facebook Page.

In order to get notifications you have to do a workaround and “Like” your own Page post. After doing this for a while, this can get old for your regular Facebook profile friends.

Enter NutshellMail, an site that allows you to manage portions of your social network via email. My favorite feature – NutshellMail allows you to receive Facebook page notifications!

When I first heard about NutshellMail back in 2009, I didn’t get it. Why would people want to manage their social network activities via email? In fact, I chatted with Mark Schmulen (one of the co-founders) over brunch about the application for half and hour and still didn’t get it. I get it now and it’s a great patch for the missing Facebook Page notification feature.

Key NutshellMail Features

Easy to set up accounts
You can configure Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Myspace accounts. On Facebook you can pick your profile and any of your Pages.
NutShellMail Accounts
Easy to schedule
You can schedule up to three notifications per day. This isn’t the same as regular Facebook profile notifications that can be sent as they happen but it’s the next best thing. If you really need to see the latest updates, you can click on the “Get Latest Notifications” button on the notification email and it will send you the latest and greatest information.
NutshellMail Scheduling

Nice looking emails
After doing email marketing for over 7 years, it drives me crazy when companies send out emails that look like poo on key devices. NutshellMail is made for email so I’m glad they took the time to make things render properly on different clients.

NutshellMail email notifications


I’m still playing with NutshellMail and learning how to configure all of the notification options but it’s solved a major problem for me. Until Facebook rolls out a way to receive notifications from Facebook pages without a hack, I’ll keep using NutshellMail.

Do you have an other way of managing your Facebook pages, I’d love to hear about it.