10 Ways to Create Your Blogging Persona

10 Ways to Create Your Blogging Persona
By: Susan Young, President, Get in Front Communications, Inc.

Too many bloggers are suffering from an identity crisis. It’s like those dreaded high school years when you awkwardly try to find your way and be comfortable in your own skin. It’s not much fun.

In business, it’s critical to develop your identity, brand, voice and persona for one reason. Revenue. If you don’t have a clear and crisp voice (through your blog), how can you expect anyone to pay attention to it? Would you give your hard-earned money to someone who is unsure of themselves? Of course not.

The key is to connect with your readers and build rapport with them—through your writing. Your goal is to use your blog to develop your own personality and style. There’s no time for an identity crisis. Be clear in your own mind so you can create your unique online voice.

Here are 10 tips:

  1. Get real! Be genuine and be yourself. Don’t write to impress, write to express.
  2. Weave in your personality. Sure this is business but give people a peek into your own life. Include a quick story, example or anecdote that reveals a challenge you may have overcome. It could involve your partner, child, neighbor or mechanic. It’s called humanity.
  3. Speak directly to your reader. Each person reading your post should feel as though you wrote exclusively for them. Make them feel special. Use words like “you” and “we”.
  4. Write the way you speak. Use words and phrases that are genuine and “sound like you.” By doing this and expressing yourself in a congenial and engaging style, you will in essence be inviting people into your world.
  5. Avoid stuffy business jargon. Write in short, punchy and easy-to-understand sentences.
  6. Understand charisma. People with charisma have a special style and allure that draws others to them, like a magnet. They are engaging and light. This applies to writing and blogging too.
  7. Make every word count. Forget about word count and “too long or too short.” Convey your message in a clear and compelling way and be done. Your readers are busy. They’ll appreciate your succinct communication.
  8. Go for distinct. Consider your brand, expertise and ideal clients. Why do people hire you and enjoy working with you? What makes you different from your competition? What have people written about you in testimonials and reference letters? Separate yourself from others.
  9. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to take a position. Use your voice. Readers will come to respect you.
  10. Stick with what you know. When you write about topics and issues that you’re passionate about, it will be evident to your audience. Find your niche and dig deep.

Blogging and branding take time. The best way to get better is to practice and not worry about the number of readers or RSS subscribers you have. That will come—in time.

Susan YoungSusan Young works with businesses who want to increase their publicity, credibility and revenues with public relations and social media. She’s a news and communication expert and President of Get in Front Communications, Inc. Susan also works with professionals who want to improve their communication, leadership and self-confidence.

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