How To Add Google Analytics To Your WordPress Blog (Video)

How to add Google Analytics to Wordpress

Google Analytics allows you to collect and see statistics over your blog site traffic. You can see the number of visitors, referral sources, and the keywords that are driving people to your site.

I’m going to show you how to set up Google Analytics on a WordPress site. This video only applies to blogs, not to sites. Click here if you are a user. Otherwise, enjoy the video:
Because does not support JavaScript, you cannot load Google Analytics. As of now, there is no way around this. If you have a blog and want to capture some statistics then you can use GetClicky. This site allows you to get some site stats but nowhere near the kind of information you can get from Google Analytics.

The other way to get site statistics is to use the built-in stats viewer in’s Dashboard. Here are a couple of views:

The Dashboard view: statistics view from the Dashboard

Part of the “More Details” view:
More stats on

So there you have it, installing Google Analytics on a and tips for checking stats on

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