My Amazon Review of “WordPress Bible”

WordPress Bible - Buying Decision

One of my themes for 2010 is Own Your Content. In that light, I’m sharing the review I did of Aaron Brazell’s WordPress Bible.

Here is the text of my Amazon review for the WordPress Bible:

I’ve been developing Web sites for over 12 years and jumped into WordPress design about two years ago.

This book will help me super charge my development. Having come from a .Net developing background, I’ve only been tweaking PHP code and using software to create 80% of my new theme code. This book will give me the tools to further explore the code and learn how to do things from scratch.

In addition, the WordPress Bible provides great sets of “cheat sheets” to help figure out some of the complexities of theme layouts, the dreaded loop, and other structures.

I’ve also been Alpha testing the WordPress 3.0 code and the contents of the book are still highly relevant. In fact, I’ve never used the WordPress MU functionality but will take the tips and information in this book to help direct me on the 3.0 multi-site setup which is still being developed.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in taking their blogs to the next level and for WordPress designers and developers. I can’t wait to use the book to get under the hood of my next project and super charge that sucker.

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As you decide where to spend your hard-earned money, I recommend the WordPress Bible for WordPress developers and theme designers. WordPress beginners (non-developers) might have trouble understanding it so you should browse through the book before buying it.

I would have liked to have seen more information on adding video to blogs since I’m a lifestreamer and do a lot of video. But photo bloggers will be happy since the book does have a special section for them.

I tweeted a link to this image on Posterous when I went to purchase the WordPress Bible. Despite Chuck Norris’s will, I only purchased the WP Bible. 🙂
WordPress Bible - Buying Decision

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(Note/reminder: The Chuck Norris book is not included, although it really wants to be)