How to Add Your Stream to iTunes


This is so awesome! You can submit your stream and have it show up as a video podcast in the iTunes directory.

Submitting my stream to iTunes never occurred to me until I went to check for iPhone app updates via my desktop iTunes. I did a search, saw the three flavors of 12seconds apps, then noticed some 12seconds feeds. Wow!

View of a iTunes search over

This year, the name of the game is Own Your Stuff.
In this case, by creating a Podcast out of a, users can repurpose and redistribute the content that they have created. And the best part is you get to tell folks that you have an iTunes Podcast.

So let’s get to the good stuff and describe the process to get things listed.

  1. Go to the Apple iTunes “Making a Podcast” page and review the process.
  2. Test your feed. Open iTunes, under the “Advanced” menu, select “Subscribe to Podcast” then enter your feed and click “OK.” Your feed will look like, but you will substitute your username instead of “jesseluna.” Doing this should bring up your latest 12seconds update.
  3. Submit your podcast. Open iTunes, click on the Podcasts tab or main link. You’ll see a “Podcast Quick Links” section on the top right hand side. Click on “Submit a Podcast.” It will take you to the “Submit Podcasts to the iTunes Directory” view.
  4. Note: Before you continue you need to have an iTunes account and be logged into iTunes.
  5. BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THE FEED, make sure your avatar is the one you want to show up in the directory. I submitted before double-checking that and when I went in to change my avatar in 12seconds, I found that the change did not cascade through to the iTunes store.
  6. Submit the feed by entering the feed URL and clicking on the “Continue” button. You may be prompted to log into iTunes.
  7. If there are no errors, you will receive confirmation that the feed is being reviewed and you will receive an email. It took 24 hours to receive the confirmation that the feed was approved and for it to be accessible from the iTunes directory.

This worked for me the first time so that bodes well for other efforts.

Follow Up:

  1. Add me as a friend on
  2. Leave a Comment if you have questions or use the FormSpring “Ask Jesse” box on the right of this page to leave an anonymous question.
  3. Once your feed is set up, come back and tell us about it so we can check it out
  4. Subscribe to my 12seconds Podcast (opens iTunes)
  5. Make sure to keep your account updated or iTunes will remove your feed from the directory. Update at least every 3 days.

You just learned how to add your video stream to the iTunes Podcast directory!

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