IKEA Case Study Video – Building a Fan Base on Facebook


I’ve been buying IKEA furniture since the company first opened its doors in California. So when a Twitter friend tweeted about an IKEA social media case study video, I had to take a look.

IKEA ran a promotion this Fall on Facebook to engage its customers and fans. By cleverly using the picture-tagging feature built into Facebook, they drew in over a thousand friends for one of the store owners, Gordon Gustavsson, and spread awareness of IKEA’s products.

The IKEA promotion, as described in the video below, had three key features that made it engaging and memorable:

1) Easy – For Facebook users, the promotion was simple. All they had to do was friend Gustavsson then tag pictures. There were no spammy applications to install in order to participate and share with other Facebook friends.

2) Interactive – It required fans to keep an eye out for new showcase pictures so they could rush to them and be the first to tag a furniture item.

3) Clearly Defined – Facebook fans knew the rules of the promotion – that there would be limited number of showcase pictures to tag and that they had to be first to tag them to win.

I don’t have the numbers on the overall reach of the promotion, but engaging over a thousand fervent fans on Facebook is great way to build a fan base.

Did YOU hear about the IKEA promotion before this blog post? What would YOU have done to extend the reach of this promotion if you were in charge of the campaign?